Spoon It On!

Here at Laughter Hall, and in other regions of the world populated by those who have come into contact with my father’s family and their friends, we use our own drinking toast: Spoon It On! I am told that the first recorded use of this expression was by the wizard Molten Jaguar, in the common room of the Grey Grebe Inn, in Gitfoorwil, the month of Wind, 1986, and its use has spread steadily ever since that time. We may also be heard saying Cheers, Santé, Skål, Gezondheid, or Slainte, but generally we will say Spoon It On, and then someone may include the secondary saying, Employ The Ladle! If you are having a hard time wrapping your head around this saying, just imagine that your drinking utensil (glass or mug) is an oddly shaped spoon, and that by employing the ladle, you will be spooning it on to your mouth for consumption. So, Spoon It On!


Photo of my 3D Word project for Kevin’s Creative Writing class at Okanagan College.