About Me

I am a twenty-eight year old dude with a History and Professional Writing degree from the University of Victoria, Canada, who has had a passion for adventurous exploration my entire life. These days you can find me wandering around Britain as I explore the rich pub and alcohol culture of my ancestral homeland!

When I was eighteen I went to Ghent, Belgium for an eleven month exchange. Very quickly I developed a passion for beer, and all that can be related to it. I have since tried over two hundred different Belgian beers, as well as hundreds of other beers from other nations. This appreciation of complex beers led to an interest in whisky, with single malt Scotch being the primary area of interest.

I have also been experimenting with homebrew and other fermentable beverages, with the long term goal of one day opening a brewpub, brewery, cidery, vineyard or distillery! Along the way I have had my share of crazy adventures, which are best retold over a glass in a public house, but in this age of social media networking I will now be expanding to the virtual public house.

You can also follow me on Twitter for updates about this blog @2guysINaCar although your best bet is to just directly follow the blog!

And finally, if you happen to like my writing enough that you would like me to write for your pub/beer/whisky etc. publication, please do get in contact with me! Spoon it on!


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