About this blog

Through my time sampling beer, whisk(e)y, wine, brandy, cider and other fine consumables (non alcoholic, edible and tobacco) I have acquired a mass of stories I wish to tell, and coupled with the knowledge of fine consumables in each story, I believe they are well worth reading if you are in any way interested in learning about new drinks and entertaining stories. A  simple rating system on “five” for beer, cider and wine will be utilized. 0=undrinkable 1=bad 2=okay 3=good 4=excellent 5=fucking excellent 6=god

It should be noted that my scale has become a bit of a bell curve, with the range of quality within the 3/5 Good rating being much wider than the lower and higher ranked beers.

For Scotch whisky I will use a rating system on 100, with separate scales for single malts and blends.

Comments much appreciated!


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