26 comments on “Alexander Rodenbach

  1. I have been twice at Het Waterhuis and never did they water my minkey. Are you telling us that them sold you that beer with actual fruoots in it?


  2. Wonderful blog!Chock full of both witty and insightful comments.Keep up the good work!Here’s my take on the Rodenbach…Nose:Guava,Raspberry,Elderberry,Boysenberry,Blueberry,Lemon,Eggfruit,Raisin….Palate:Strawberry,Ugli,Cherry,Kiwi,Salmonberry.


  3. It rained so hard last night we didn’t even try to light the fuse, we had a kitchen party instead. Herr Doktor Van Nerling was in attendance. He is so much more delightful in person, telling the most comical tales and sharing in good natured jests. He accidentally left his phone behind (that instrument of acid wit!) and I am having the local druids work spells over it, in hopes that the real, true, jocular Van Nerling will flow from it in future.


  4. Mr. Schnapps also addressed the FE brew in the very first post. It’s just that he was confused by it.
    At any rate, we can all take heart that Mr Peeny weighed in at last with an insightful comment, raising the level of discourse admirably. Three cheers for Eeny Peeny!!!


  5. … and with Acres Wild; both came much closer to resolution, all in the same day. Today Stu P. Dupee and I will drink that big Rodenbach round a fire in the woods, and tomorrow it will snow! It’s like living a few verses in a really geeky folk song.


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