26 comments on “Days 9, 10, and 11: Yorkshire Coast and Newcastle

  1. (Info. gleaned from a sign in Whitby) the ship ‘Dimitry of Narva’ ran aground in Whitby August 1885. Bram Stoker visited Whitby, and the wreck was an inspiration for the ship ‘Demeter of Varna’ which delivered Dracula to Whitby in his novel published 1897

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  2. And I would also note that I did not partake in the foolish red wine (as blood!) drinking episode, but rather chose a Theakstons Best Bitter, which at 3.8% was a much better choice for the man at the wheel. Somebody has to be sensible on these seaside outings!


      • Ahh, I think that’s right. I see that Black Sheep Best Bitter is also 3.8% (I remember that number)
        Wondering though if it wasn’t Old Peculiar in the Black Swan? I know I had it somewhere that they did’t carry Lucky!


      • Well that’s likely. I know you had something by Theakstons in Black Swan, but that you had something by Theakstons more than once, so possibly one time was Old Peculiar, and the other time was Best Bitter. Definitely Black Sheep in Whitby though!


  3. Hey Grebbler….write your own damn blog!Those of us who hang our hats in the house of Nox,Lucky drinkers included,do so for his wisdom.Stories From The Pub rules!!!


    • Hey Abe… thanks so much for the friendly reminder; what was I thinking, using the comments section to discuss the topics in the post? I forgot that the real purpose is for unpleasant personal remarks.
      Oh, and about my offer to help you move…


  4. And while we’re geeking the ever loving crap out of this topic, I typo’d up above. It’s actually Old PeculiEr. Now I’m going to go and try to have a life…


  5. I left a comment in the comment section.I haven’t found the discussion section yet.Fuck! Now I’m having a discussion!!!…..btw did’t is also a typo😋


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