12 comments on “Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Wow, you get right into it when you’re in your cups, or is ‘three sheets to the wind’ more appropriate, given your current location? While I have no quarrel with your kind words about Guinness, I have to question its getting a higher rating than Nelson’s Blackheart Stout. Not suggesting you should lower the one, but rather you ought to raise the other. I come to this topic upon arriving home from a pint of Fucking Excellent Murphy’s at the pub. ( & Backhand completes my FE4 of stout! )
    At any rate, Happy St. Paddy’s, and Spoon it on!


    • Haha, but surprisingly I’m not actually ‘three sheets to the wind’! I wrote this while I was sober, believe it or not! As for the BlackHeart Stout, I dunno what to say… I guess it doesn’t mean as much to me, having been gone for most of my drinking years? Murphy’s on the other hand deserves a strong FE!
      Spoon it on!


      • I’m not arguing for what the Blackheart ‘means’, but for what it IS! However, this should really be discussed verbally, at high volume, over a mug of the black stuff, with multiple assenting, dissenting, and randomly off topic voices all thrown into the mix. We’ll book an appointment for next autumn!


  2. FE4 of stout!Couldn’t agree more with the Grebbled one (betcha that hurts).Also,as a voice well practiced in random off topics,I’d like to add…Puggles are way cooler than Labradoodles.Just saying…


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