3 comments on “Introducing Khiran O: Special Eastern European Beer Correspondent!

  1. Reminds me that a week or two back I celebrated a magnificent October dusk with a WestDub, sitting in an adirondack chair while admiring the fading sky. They can’t just sit in the cellar, you’ve got to let them out! Little did I know that within a week, Khiran O’s most excellent father, Greg O (proving that he is truly a scholar and a gentleman) would serve me a glass of Westvleteren Xll! Shame you didn’t appreciate my sharing the news with you at the time, Riley, or was the name ‘Beerless Boy’?!
    Hang in there, I’ll pour you something good when I see you next!


  2. In the first photo Khiran appears to be trying to put two PBRs into his mouth at the same time. He should know that 0 + 0 ≠ 1. On the other hand, he’s the one now drinking Westmalle Dubbels for a toonie. Guess he’s got the last laugh.


    • Who was responsible for raising this child without maths? Great photo though. It really evokes a sense of desperation to get “right stately,” for there could be no other reason to shove two PBRs down the hatch at once!


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