2 comments on “A Honey Beer Comparison

  1. Off topic but Kathy and i were in the govt LCB store in Nelson and picked up a Brews Brothers 12pack. It is a collection of 12 BC craft beers from – for example -Crannog, Cannery, Four Winds, Bridge. Perfect for your reviewing purposes.

    Cannot find in Vernon though.


    • Cool! This is the second Brews Brothers pack put out by Parallel 49 in collaboration with 12 other breweries. The first one came out one year ago. I got a pack for free from P49 (details here: https://publichousestories.wordpress.com/2015/04/18/postscript-no-2/ ) but amazingly I never finished drinking it. The higher percentage brews are still kicking around at my friends house. I was planning on doing a review. I think the beers in this years pack are probably different from last years.

      When I get off this lighthouse I’ll have to see if there are any packs left in Victoria.


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