12 comments on “Black Bottle Blended Scotch

  1. Goyo, this negative results talk gets me to thinking; some of the scotch in your cabinet really isn’t “all that good” so I would like to make the generous offer to dispose of it for you… just say the word.


    • He might not know that you made the offer. It wasn’t in direct reply to his comment, and he likely hasn’t returned to the post since he already read it.


  2. I think a sit down with the fam,upon your return,is in order.As a pro Tweeterer and Instantgramist I find myself almost embarrassed by their naiveté.


  3. Ah yes,the googles.I have many,many many important friends who work for the googles.And what they are telling me is tremendous.Believe me.The googles will be yuge(sic)!


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