9 comments on “Riley’s Top 10 Reviewed BC Beers, so far…

  1. A nice x-section. You mentioned Fat Tug, and as you know I’d also give a nod to Red Racer’s IPA, but which other BC beers do you think would have made the list, had they been reviewed already?
    The photos reminded me of how much more I enjoy Parallel 49’s offerings once I get them into a glass, and out of their hideously labelled bottles!


    • Storm Brewing: Imperial Flanders Red Sour Ale would certainly make the list, perhaps as a FE. Then there is a good chance that the Driftwood Farmhand Saison and the Mt. Begbie Powerhouse Pale Ale would also make the cut. Honourable mentions might go to the Cannery Blackberry Porter, and the Red Truck Ale.


  2. Here, here, Cord. Clearly, Parallel 49 is the run-a-away victor, even without mention of its unParalleled whiskey cask-aged “Russian Imperial Stout” which defies categorization and won hands-down at Stout Bout 2016.

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  3. I recently finished Goyo’s bottle of the RIS which he left behind after a bonfire. It is very good, but you might want to enlist help if you’re tackling a bomber.
    But wait, “defies categorization?” Seems to me it falls squarely within the broad ‘whiskey cask aged Rusiian imperial stout category,’ no?’


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