5 comments on “A Lager Day Poem

  1. Hi Riley
    A request. Shopping season is here so can you find us a solid but reasonable scotch for gifting. Last year i bought my scotch snob friend some Tea Bag based on your favourable opinion and he was most impressed. Anything similar you can suggest?
    Thanks GG


    • Looking at the BCL catalogue here are some options:

      Black Grouse $31 (a definite step up from Famous Grouse, very nice to drink, but not as complex as Tea Bag)

      Cutty Sark Prohibition $35 (regular CS is brutal, but this has good reviews. I’ve never tried it though)

      McClelland’s Speyside/Islay/Highland $40 (same price as Tea Bag, these unidentified single malts are good for the price, if nothing spectacular. I’ve enjoyed the Islay one with friends before)

      Aberlour 10 year old $49 (this is a delicious single malt, and probably the best tasting bottle within it’s price range, a definite recommend if you don’t mind going $9 more than Tea Bag)

      Glenfiddich 12 and Johnnie Walker Black are $50 and $51 respectively, but they are cliched choices.

      Recommended purchase: Aberlour 10


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