8 comments on “Blind Bad Beer Tasting

  1. Dudes! You don’t know nuthin’ about beer! Should’ve had Old Mil and Rainier in the race too! Then you’d have a party!


  2. Riley, what you won’t do in the name of science. At Liam’s wedding I bought a Keg of Spring 1516, which from what I remember is quite passable. The Bride’s dad asked, “aren’t you going to get any Budweiser?” At first I thought he was kidding, but no, he wasn’t, so I did. I’m sorry to say that the 2 flats of Bud were gone, while the keg still had about half in it. Your dad, various Houses, and my sons all did their part, but Bud was the more popular. It’s a sad state of affairs when commercials with chicks in bikinis are the deciding factor in what beer to drink.


    • Oh dear, that is sad. I can assure you though, the average joe is more likely to enjoy a good craft beer in Victoria than in Vernon. Vernon’s about 10 years behind in craft beer. Maybe at Colin’s wedding you’ll notice a difference?


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