5 comments on “Hoyne Helios Dortmunder Golden Lager

  1. Tried a big bottle of the Helios last night, and I have to say I was underwhelmed. Maybe it’s better on draught? Not sure I can suggest a better BC lager off the top of my head, but the Czechvar (Czech Republic) which I had recently blew the doors off the Helios for classic lager fresh-cut grassness and all. It’s got me into a lager groove though; picked up a Zywiec (Poland – hurray for a strange combination of 3 late in the alphabet consonants!) and a Krusovice (Czech Republic Heineken) which will be brand new to me. And Lager Day IS just around the corner! Spoon it on!


    • It is excellent on draught, although I also enjoy it from the bottle… Come to think of it I also enjoy “A” by Jehtro Hull. Hmmmm….
      I have been considering the 5L kegs of Czechvar at the BCL for this year’s Lager Day celebrations, scheduled for this Saturday with Tukbar and Galco. Zywiec is a nice name. It didn’t impress Khiran though.


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