5 comments on “My Weekend In America Part 2

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  2. Guys like Bobby and jim who enjoy playing blow darts and tossing knives close to their feet while drinking heavily should probably think twice about their opposition to ‘commie care’.


  3. Another good one, eh? The only US Viet Nam vets I have ever met were 2 that worked for my dad back in the 70’s, each had served 2 tours, then came to Canada because they didn’t want their kids having to fight in a war like that. Both good guys. Yeah, there have been others as well, mostly good guys, some of them dicks, but oddly enough, none of them have ever resembled Rambo. Keep them coming Nox. There must be stories from tree planting.


    • I’ll have to wrack my brains for some good tree planting stories. I have lots of great stories from other things that are perhaps a tad inappropriate for some people, yet wildly entertaining nonetheless. We’ll see what I can remember, or what adventures I can get myself into in the coming months!


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