3 comments on “My Weekend In America Part 1

  1. Hmmm, the only thing i remember about Wenatchee from the ’70’s is that Hamms beer came in keg shaped cans and that every pawn shop had more firepower in the front window than the entire Canadian army had. Then there was the friendly US border guard who had me stand in front of a toilet, with my feet in yellow foot silhouettes on the floor, and pour my last beer in the toilet before I could enter the good old US of A. He then advised me that I could now urinate, if I needed to, and he then leaned against the door jam to watch. I decided not to. Waiting for part deux, Nox.


    • Haha, sounds like your adventure to Wenatchee rivals mine! I actually quite liked downtown Wenatchee, it had a nice vibe and many nice heritage buildings. Like a smaller downtown Kelowna. Part deux should be along soon, perhaps on Sunday! Spoon it on!


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