6 comments on “Coopers Sparkling Ale

  1. I was offered one of those six, one night early in the holidays; one test sip made me decline the offer! The New Year’s breakfast Clam-eye c/w bacon and egg sangies is a pleasant memory, however. Happy New Year, beer fans!


    • Is it actually a Clam-eye? I am so confused. I googled something like “drinks with beer and clamato juice” and there seems to be about two-dozen different names for several different regional variations. I think I’ll stick to Red Eye in the post.

      Happy New Year!


  2. For me Red-eye = Tomato Juice & Beer, Clam-eye = Clamato Juice & Beer, and of course we shouldn’t forget Potato-eyes either (Guinness & Vodka while wearing a hard hat and hip waders)


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